Training & Development in Australia

In this fictional setting Marcus Maximus is given the task of finding out what the ingredients of a successful enterprise are as the foundation for forming a colony on a newly acquired planet.

Thereupon ensue a variety of encounters with unusual, powerful people who understand what they are doing in the business context. Marcus has to return with the secrets getting people and technology to work harmoniously - the blueprint.

His questions have to address every aspect of a successful business - from deciding what goals to peruse through to getting people to work constructively together. Marcus travels from planet to planet and learns from the people what it takes fro an organisation to prosper.

The lessons Marcus learns are in fact drawn from interviews that Neville lake had with leading figures in the corporate and public sectors, science and entertainment worlds - managers and entrepreneurs.

The author intends to follow this book with two more: episodes 2 and 3 where the new colony is established