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Have you ever wondered if there are some great new ideas out there that would make your life easier, your work flow more smoothly, and your team more productive?

If you haven’t got time to plough through pile of tedious textbooks then “The Greatest Planet in the Universe” is for you.

Embedded in a brisk, entertaining story are over 200 fresh ideas and the 10 new rules that will deliver success to your business.

Inspired and informed by 25 of the most successful people and organisations in the world thee is a strong manufacturing content with several chapters set in a factory.

The other parts of the book deal with the tricky issues common to all organisations such as leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity, process performance, strategy, talent management, and creating destruction proof businesses.

Written as a business novel “The Greatest Planet in the Universe” takes you on a journey to meet with characters who are closely based on real managers from Businesses like Rolls-Royce, Wrigley’s, ResMed, and Cadbury Schweppes.

You will also learn from a six times Oscar winner, two mega-millionaire entrepreneurs, five business founders, and leaders from influential think tanks.

This book will bring you right up to date with the latest thinking, challenge your assumptions, and set you on the path to a higher level of success. It will also offer you a few laughs and make the recession seem considerably less troubling.