Law Society Journal

This intriguing and interesting novel delivered much more than I initially expected. The story is set in the future, but the business lessons are all current.

The setting for an excellent series of lessons about upgrading organisational performance, developing an understanding and advancing careers begins “in a galaxy far away” when a young man, Marcus Maximus, is invited to meet with the High Command.

Maximus is required over a seven day period to meet with business founders, entrepreneurs, heads of government departments, agents for top sporting and entertainment celebrities, defence personnel, creative thinkers, health experts, academics and their staff.

The narrative is brisk, bouncy and fun. I read it on the Jet Cat and found myself looking forward to the next chapter eagerly. The conversations, concerns, insights and growing knowledge and confidence are fast-paced and well written.

Though there is a collection of humanoids, creatures from different planets and robots, all vividly described, it is a business book with a brisk and enjoyable narrative imparting a wealth of good business ideas.

I look forward to episodes two and three on bringing the colony to its full potential, responding to opportunities, innovation and the pursuit of excellence.