Business Franchise

You could say that author Neville Lake has come up with a ‘novel’ way of presenting his latest business advice book. Meet fictional character Marcus Maximum who is on a fascinating quest to find out what truly delivers exceptional performance. The ‘story’ is set in the future but the characters are inspired by exclusive interviews with extraordinarily talented, high profile and remarkable, interesting individuals who have discovered the fundamental blueprint for success.

The Greatest Planet in the Universe is a business novel that presents the latest techniques from leading organisations (such as Rolls Royce, Wrigleys, the Navy) and also describes leading edge ideas from non-traditional workplaces (such as Weta Workshops - the makers of The Lord of the Rings and Avatar, Starbucks, think tanks, celebrity agents). It is packed with solid information, is fun to read and gives busy managers a really good understanding about the most current thinking - without boring them silly. It can be read as a novel or you can hop about a bit and find the chapters that cover the topics of greatest interest.

Neville Lake has written five other successful business books. Two of these are in the Sunday Times series, the most popular being ‘The Strategic Planning Workbook’ which is an international bestseller and has been translated into many different languages.