10 Great Reasons to Buy

  1. The rules that deliver business success have changed. This is the first book that brings you the formula for business success in the 21st Century.

  2. Using the ideas in this book you will find ways to reinvent your business so it will be able to achieve exceptional results.

  3. It takes ideas from those businesses that are truly at the cutting edge. Information and inspiration are drawn from a six times Oscar winner, five business founders, two celebrity agents, two mega millionaires, the captain of a Royal Navy destroyer, two peers of the realm, and senior managers from visionary organisations.

  4. It is written as a novel, so it is fun. Once you pick it up you will not want to put it down. Without trying you learn more than you realise and can apply more than you thought possible as you enjoy the humour, story and characters.

  5. It is inspirational. The characters you meet are so charismatic, so passionate, so insightful and so determined to be successful that you will be swept along by their enthusiasm.

  6. It will challenge your assumptions. You will update what you previously thought about creativity, purpose, passion, measurement, leadership, entrepreneurship, getting results and working with talented people.

  7. It will stimulate your creativity. When you have spent time with the characters and learnt how they get results your own creative juices will be given a boost.

  8. It is written by a five times international bestselling business author who is also a sought after strategic planner, a Registered Psychologist, a global speaker and an exceptional storyteller.

  9. It is a book you will go back to over and over again - and you will find new ideas and subtle messages each time.

  10. It is a book you will want to give as a present to your managers, your friends, your family and to all those whose business fortunes you want to change.