Neville spent three years investigating the principles that fuel outstandingly successful organisations. Researching this business novel has taken him onto the bridge of a Navy Destroyer during battle training, behind the scenes of some of the world's leading businesses and around the world.

Neville met with usually private people including a six times Oscar winner, the US President of Starbucks, celebrity agents and film producers, mega millionaire entrepreneurs, two peers of the realm, two former heads of giant government departments, leaders of think tanks and many more.

Neville has taken ideas from diverse fields including movie making, military battle preparation, manufacturing, and launching products into already overcrowded markets. He has extracted genuine insights into what truly drives success in the 21st century. “I have distilled 10 rules from over 200 learning points. Together these represent the blueprint for success for today’s performance, and they lay the foundations for market dominance in the future. If every organisation applied these principles they too could achieve a level of results that are currently beyond their expectations,” Neville says.

These truly are the secrets of outstanding success. The book will challenge and update your assumptions about creativity, purpose, measurement, business thinking, leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship, getting results, business processes and working with talented people.

Neville points out that books like Who Moved My Cheese, Fish, The Richest Man in Babylon and The Goal enjoy huge popularity because they mix entertainment with a message. “I have a passion for story writing, and I gave the book a science fiction twist because I am a sic-fi fan, and because that genre offers a lot of scope to describe organisational functioning. It is pretty much a thriller/quest story and I have made it funny as well as fun,” says Neville.

However, you don’t have to be a sci-fi enthuiast, and the reviews from all kinds of readers have been equally positive. “The feedback I have got is that the book is a ‘page turner’ and people read it not only for the business content, but also because they wanted to see what would happen next.”