Chapters 36 - 41
The Ten Rules

On the morning of the presentation to the Ruling Council of the High Command Marcus finds Grand Alf has apparently abandoned him to make the presentation alone.

Marcus struggles to control his nerves as he faces the most intimidating audience imaginable, but the presentation has been well crafted and it is given maximum impact by cutting edge holographic and stagecraft effects. Marcus provides a summary of the key information he has found and shows how he has created the ten rules that together form the blueprint for success for any organisation.

The Council members are not easily convinced and challenge his thinking and assumptions to make sure his conclusions are robust and practical.

After a gruelling presentation Marcus is asked to wait while the Council discusses his findings. When he returns he is surprised by their conclusion.

The acoustics inside the dome still produced a slight echo but Marcus was, to his surprise, firm and steady. “I’ve learnt many things and I’m a changed man because of them.”
Marcus paused and looked at the members of the Council. He had their attention. “I was asked to identify the principles at the foundation of successful organisations. With a lot of help I’ve found these and I present them today for your discussion, approval and adoption.”

“There are ten rules. When applied deliberately, without compromise or apology these rules will support success in any organisation, large or small, public or private.” Marcus pressed a hand operated control pad and above him the ten holographically produced rules shimmered like polished gold.
“Let me give you an example, at StarCups they sell great coffee. You might think selling coffee for a profit is what this business is about ... but it is what they do not why people get excited about working there.”

The rest of the answer crystallized in Marcus’ mind, “You see, this bank could have defined its purpose as helping people to buy houses, supporting business development and managing funds. If it does these well, fairly, competently and ethically it will attract customers and make money. However, if the bank adopts a ‘profit above all else’ position then ...”

Marcus knew the point had been made but he added, “No matter how successful you are today, tomorrow will be different. I like the rules I learnt from Jearlson about starting a new business.” Marcus held up a finger and counted each one off, ...