Chapters 30 & 31
Talent Management and Brand Development

Marcus and Grand Alf travel to an elegant sandstone building in the residential quarter which is the office of Pepolonius Peabody, the manager and agent for the most prominent celebrities in the known universe.

Marcus discusses the ingredients in the relationship Pepolonius builds with his clients and they explore the way in which the ‘brand value’ of each celebrity is developed and maintained. Three of the hottest stars arrive and Marcus asks them how they develop and manage the projects that support their ongoing success. Pepolonius concludes by sharing his insights and thoughts about what underpins real success.

Pepolonius took a seat at the kitchen table and rocked back in his chair. He stared at the ceiling for a moment or two as he organised his thoughts and then leant forward and fixed Marcus with his kindly eyes, “The relationship I have with my clients is based on four ingredients - trust, empathy, chemistry and genuine caring.”

“Self esteem can be a causality both at times of great success and great failure. You might be surprised to learn confidence building is a big part of what I do with some clients. It is my job to show the ones with talent there’s no limit to how far they can go.”

“One of the most important services I provide is to say ‘no’. I say ‘no’ a lot more often than I say ‘yes’. I say ‘no’ to defend the integrity and brand essence of each client. I say ‘no’ to the deals that don’t provide the kinds of outcomes they need.”