Chapters 21 - 23
Purpose, Passion and Performance

Marcus and Grand Alf travel to a space station for a meeting with Calvin Corellius, the President of Operations for the most successful chain of coffee outlets - StarCups. Here they appreciate that the business delivers a lot more value than the coffee, and has a purpose that is far broader and more important to all those who work there. Marcus understands that StarCups is able to make a difference on many levels, through the vehicle of its outlets.

They are joined by other senior managers from StarCups and Marcus learns more about the entrepreneurial spirit, and how a business like StarCups can reinvent the market by using a particular management philosophy.

The space station was not, to be honest, in any way a pretty place. The bright lights never dimmed, the clatter of metal-on-metal never stopped and the rasping of the tannoy systems never silenced. Every corner smelt faintly of fuel and frustration. Marcus and Grand Alf spotted the StarCups sign at the end of a long and busy corridor and headed for the store. The friendly tang of fresh roast coffee and baked muffins greeted them as they approached.

“So,” said Marcus, his brew arriving moments later, “is it all about this, the quality of the coffee?”
Corellius rubbed his face as if wondering where to start. “In part yes,” he said slowly, “and in part no.”
Corellius fixed Marcus with a penetrating look, “What keeps you doing whatever it is you do?”
“Running a zoo.”
“OK, running a zoo. Why do you do that day after day with, I presume, success and satisfaction?”
“Because it’s important”
Corellius raised his eyebrows, “Because you make a difference?”
“Yup, I guess so.”
“What if I told you the inspiration for Ngkoosa - for all of us - is drawn from the same well?” said Corellius slowly.

“President Corellius was saying your management attitude has helped you to develop the business. I wonder if you could describe what this involves?” asked Marcus.
Zoot spoke first, “Probably the most striking thing about this team is whenever we’re presented with an interesting opportunity, even when it is audacious and seemingly unachievable, the question we ask is, ‘Why not?’.”