Chapters 3 - 7
Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Attitude and Decision Making

Marcus and Grand Alf meet with Jearl Jearlson the greatest entrepreneur on the planet. He shares the formula for assessing if a business is likely to be successful as they travel over the city in a hele-speeder, and he then introduces them to members of his senior team who provide a breathtakingly powerful and straightforward way to understand, develop and communicate strategy.

Interrupted by the surprise arrival of another entrepreneur as Jearlson is explaining the attitude needed to make big decisions, Marcus and Grand Alf are given the chance to visit another business and learn the approach used by Gaius Bryennious to start a business in one of the most crowded markets - and turned it into a spectacular success.

“I ask myself six questions,” Jearlson said brightly, holding up six fingers and taking his hands off the controls. The speeder lurched forward and Marcus heard Grand Alf grunt as his seat belt tightened. Jearlson grabbed the joystick and continued without missing a beat.

“People make ‘strategy’ more complicated than it needs to be,” Freyah continued, “Consequently many businesses operate well below their capability level. A clear vision tells us where we are unique, good research shows us what is available, and sound decision making keeps us on track.”

“We were talking about attitude,” reminded Marcus
“And I was saying successful organisations are run by the kind of people prepared to make decisions and follow them through”, repeated Jearlson. “While that might seem obvious, it’s not always the case. Not everyone who presides over our businesses has the courage to do what it takes.”

Marcus nodded encouragement, so Gaius added, “When I began I had nothing at all. Actually I was significantly in debt. I was affected by the ‘credibility gap’.”
“Credibility gap,” echoed Grand Alf, as if the phrase had a special meaning.