Chapters 1 & 2
Introduction to the Characters and the Quest

Marcus Maximus is just an ordinary manager — possibly not that different from you or me — except that his Uncle Lucius is the Leader of the Ruling Council. Lucius summons Marcus unexpectedly and reveals that they have acquired a new string of planets that will be colonised. Instead of using the traditional (and not fully effective) set of business principles Lucius asks Marcus to find the new rules that will create the blueprint for success. The challenge is to identify what ingredients are required to make the largest planet “The Greatest Planet in the Universe.”

Marcus is stunned by the magnitude and complexity of this task, but is directed to seek the help of Grand Master Alf a somewhat ‘past his use by date’ guide who brings an impressive ability to rapidly organise visits with top level people but whose usefulness is blunted by his erratic energy levels and less than savoury personal habits.

“I am sorry to have brought you here at such short notice,” boomed Lucius across several acres of open space.
“It’s alright,” replied Marcus, his voice reverberating slightly.
It wasn’t really alright ... but then Lucius wasn’t really sorry.

The old man’s cloak was so soiled it was probably made out of soil itself, in the style favoured by the mud brick house dwellers from the city’s western suburbs. His grey hair and long beard had not seen shampoo or scissors for some time and his face was so weathered it was partially eroded.