Chapters 34 & 35
Building Insights

Marcus now has to make sense of all he has learnt, and with the tireless help of two research robots and sporadic assistance from Grand Alf he applies powerful, practical and straightforward techniques to analyse the pile of data he has collected, distill it into ten rules and build it into a persuasive presentation.

Grand Alf scooped up a pile, “Record everything you’ve learnt on a piece of paper, one fact per page. When all the facts are laid out they can be grouped together, Then you create headings which can be combined to produce insights.”
Marcus looked worried, “I have a lot of facts and comments.”
“Then you had better get started.”

It had been an intense afternoon and the boardroom table was now decorated with hundreds of strips of paper that had been arranged, re-arranged and then re-arranged again into hillocks of data. Larger squares of paper were mounted at the summit of each mound to summarise the common themes in one or two words.

“An audience, large or small, can generally only remember five things,” said Grand Alf. “You have ten points, so each must be made memorable by using at least one powerful story, fact, joke, quote or example for every rule. Be sure to demand their attention with a strong beginning, make each point distinct and ask them to take action when you close.”